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Champions Science Adventure Summer Camps August 5, 2010

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The Robot

K'nex Robot created during the camp

My mom won my daughter one week’s half-day enrollment to a local Champions Summer Camp Science Adventures Programs. ($207 value!). Science Adventure day camps are available for students ages 5 to 12 years throughout the summer, at participating recreation facilities, parks, and schools nationwide.

My daughter decided to attend the “Gizmo’s Robot Factory” camp. She had a great time. They learned about robots, 3-D pictures, made a “spy ear” sound amplifier and created their own k’nex robot. I was a bit worried she might not have fun as she wasn’t able to attend her first choice of the camp’s themes, but she enjoyed herself and learned a lot from the camp. She was thrilled to bring home her robot and show it off to everyone. It walks forward and backwards. This was also her first experience with k’nex.

Overall, the camp seemed like it was worth the $ to attend. The camp was run by high-school/early college kids, but they did a great job and were interested in the kids. The only thing I thought the camp was really missing was a list of what was done during each day. As the parent of a kid who, when asked what they did that day always replies “I don’t remember”, I would have loved to have a list of the projects from that day so we could talk about the activities.


Gillette razor May 28, 2010

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I received my new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor in the mail yesterday. You can get a free razor from YouTube.com/Gillette.   It is fun to get something free in the mail, but I’m not sure about the level of hype and the excitement for the new product. I guess I’ve just never gotten excited about razors before.  It is cool. And it looks good. But seriously, it is just a razor. And it is going to be hidden away in my bathroom…


Freebies while walking in Chicago May 24, 2010

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I love spring and summer in Chicago! I’m not sure that I can totally count this as “winning”, but on my walk from the Metra station this morning, I got a free McDonald’s Dollar Menu Breakfast item coupon, a small sample size box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal and a bottle of the new Bret Michaels Snapple. I haven’t tried the Snapple yet… maybe at lunchtime, but I hope it’s good!


Plum Organics #Plum Twitter Party May 19, 2010

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I participated in my very first “twitter party” #Plum tonight with Plum Organics. G and Mak both love the squeezy food pouches from Plum Organics. And they are so convenient. Even G can feed himself with the pouches and not make too much of a mess.

The only bad thing is that we go through them like I’m personally responsible for keeping Plum Organics in business. Each time I go to Toys R Us to buy some, I spend about $50 and the kids go through them in less than a week! I recently placed an order with ecomom.com for my Plum Organics fix of the week. I’m still waiting to get my order, but I got a great deal. I had a 30% off code from Facebook, a $15 credit my mom won for me and because I purchased more than $75, I got free shipping. I think I got over $100 worth of stuff for about $60. So it will probably last us about 10 days, if I’m lucky.

I did score with the twitter party tonight. Plum Organics was giving away a bunch of prizes and although I didn’t win the grand prize (a 6-month supply and $200 gift card to Target), I did win a 6-pack of Plum Organics, a 2-pack of Dispensing Spoons & @BoonInc countertop GRASS drying rack.

So, thanks to Plum Organics and the twitter party #Plum, I’m looking forward to receiving my Plum Organics winnings!


Summer Day Camp

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Last summer, my then 5-year old daughter attended about 2 weeks of summer camp at her school. She was one of the oldest kids in the camp and wasn’t having any fun. So she wanted to stop going to camp. Obviously, if your kid is complaining for the whole week, no one is having fun.

This year I’m still in a bit of a quandry what to do with her over the summer. There are a quite a few different things I can send her to – but I want to make sure she is having FUN.

The Mom Reviews is giving away a  certificate for one week’s half-day enrollment to a local Champions Summer Camp Science Adventures Programs. ($207 value!). Science Adventure day camps are available for students ages 5 to 12 years throughout the summer, at participating recreation facilities, parks, and schools nationwide.

What a great giveaway for a fun sounding camp. I think my daughter would really enjoy this camp. And after reading about the available programs, I want to attend too! (Maybe I can get her to stay here and work for me and I can have fun attending the summer science camp…. I’m going to have to figure out how to do that…)


Give it another try May 13, 2010

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Ok, since I really didn’t do a good job of winning everything for our Christmas last year just because this takes SO much time, I figured I could give it another whirl this year.

We have a new house and all the craziness that goes along with it (we’ve only been here 2 weeks, now). But I’m going to try, try, try to start earlier (which I’m doing) and track everything I manage to win.

And we really loved all the great stuff I did manage to win last year – the backpack from Mamaista, a great necklace from The Average Parent, the movie tickets, etc.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to try to enter contests as I hear about them and I’ll post here about my adventure.


The Madsen Cycles Bike Giveaway September 22, 2009

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I have a ton of updates I need to get up here; however, since I seem to run out of time every night, I’m going to just do this quick update. And I promise to get back to the blogging!

I would love to win one of these bikes! They look really cool. And them perhaps I could actually get out there with both of the kids and do something! But the colder weather approaches…

Yes, this is my shameless plug for Madsen. Go ahead. Click it. You know you want to!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes