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Champions Science Adventure Summer Camps August 5, 2010

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The Robot

K'nex Robot created during the camp

My mom won my daughter one week’s half-day enrollment to a local Champions Summer Camp Science Adventures Programs. ($207 value!). Science Adventure day camps are available for students ages 5 to 12 years throughout the summer, at participating recreation facilities, parks, and schools nationwide.

My daughter decided to attend the “Gizmo’s Robot Factory” camp. She had a great time. They learned about robots, 3-D pictures, made a “spy ear” sound amplifier and created their own k’nex robot. I was a bit worried she might not have fun as she wasn’t able to attend her first choice of the camp’s themes, but she enjoyed herself and learned a lot from the camp. She was thrilled to bring home her robot and show it off to everyone. It walks forward and backwards. This was also her first experience with k’nex.

Overall, the camp seemed like it was worth the $ to attend. The camp was run by high-school/early college kids, but they did a great job and were interested in the kids. The only thing I thought the camp was really missing was a list of what was done during each day. As the parent of a kid who, when asked what they did that day always replies “I don’t remember”, I would have loved to have a list of the projects from that day so we could talk about the activities.


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