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Mom Central Giveaways September 9, 2009

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Today I dedicated myself to entering everything I could on the Mom Central site http://www.momcentral.com.
I entered for Mommy & Me necklaces from Robyn Rhodes, a Jishaku Game – which is Japanese for Magnet, a Travel Anywhere Sport 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Everyday Bag from Jeep, a Lexmark printer, and a Children’s Place gift card (that would make for a great shopping spree for my 5-year old!)

All the contents seem to have an end date for Sept 13, so maybe sometime next week I’ll know if I’ve won anything from Mom Central! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


One step closer September 8, 2009

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Now that I’ve put it down and truly made this my goal, I can’t seem to win anything 😦 

This past week I haven’t managed to win anything – unless the check is in the mail. And I’ve been entering every contest I could find. I entered a bunch of stuff on FabulousFunFinds, some contests through Mamaista, the #TapandTake Samsung camera contest, a westinghouse #greenvue tv, and some other twitter, blog and facebook contests.

Today I did get 4 free movie tickets from Fandango and US Cellular. My mom told me about the promotion and my husband was nice enough to stop by the local US Cellular store to pick up one of the promotion codes for our free tickets. Since we aren’t going out much anymore, this will make for a great “date night” when we can actually get away from the kids for an evening out. I think this promotion was only good for today, but there might be some stores who still have codes.

I’m also entering today for a chance to win a Stokke TRIPP TRAPP highchair from Mom Central. This could be a great gift for our baby. Of course, I’m sure my daughter will want to sit in it too, so maybe they can share.


Hello World! September 7, 2009

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So I never thought I’d be doing anything like this – writing my own blog, that is. But here I am. I’m starting this blog to chronicle my adventures in finding, and winning, free stuff.

My idea for winning a bunch of free stuff really started as a random thought.  So here we were – one child starting school, a baby at home, two car payments, mortgage, etc – probably the typical family’s expenses. We certainly weren’t in a hardship situation, but I’d put an edict on our family that we were going to cut out extra spending – dinners out, random buying, extras, etc.

And then I won the lotto. Well, I didn’t win the LOTTO. I won $3 off my $5 ticket last week. So yes, in normal terms a loss, but still I won something. Then early this week I won a cute Ecozoo Animal backpack from Mamaista by tweeting about it. Oh, and then the Six flags 4-pack of tickets from Coca-Cola. And I was hooked!

But you’re thinking there are all sorts of people out there who win stuff, right? And you probably are right, but (and this is the big BUT) here’s my goal: I’m going to try and WIN everything we gift for Christmas this year.  I’m one present closer to my goal – that cute Panda Ecozoo backpack is going to go to one of my kids.  I’ll tweet, create facebook posts, add comments to blogs, play contests, etc to try to win presents for our Christmas this year.  And I am going to be scouring the web for stuff to win.  So, if you know of any great giveaways that you want to recommend, please post them here.